Google reposts Pixel Watch teaser video with larger clock faces

Now people are wondering whether Google's trying to make the Pixel Watch bezels look smaller than they are

Last week, Google released a short teaser video showcasing the Pixel Watch design. Now, the company has posted the same video to its Taiwan YouTube channel, and some keen-eyed internet users noted that the watch faces are larger in the Taiwan version.

The marginal change has kicked off a storm of arguments about whether Google edited its product video to make the Pixel Watch screen bezels look smaller than they actually are. The idea seems to be that Google edited the clip to make the watch look more attractive.

But after watching both videos, as well as this helpful GIF made by Droid Life that does a direct comparison of the edited parts, the only difference I can see is that the Taiwan video shows larger clock faces than the original video. Maybe I’m missing something, but the bezels aren’t actually visible.

Pixel Watch clock face compare GIF | Credit: Droid Life

One could assume that the clock faces extend all the way to the edge of the screen, and thus making the clock face bigger makes the screen larger and shrinks the bezel. In my experience, most smartwatches feature watch faces that don’t extend all the way to the edge of the screen. Instead, they’re often designed to blend in with the bezels to make the whole thing look more seamless. (For example, look at the photos in my Fitbit Sense review — you can’t see the bezel in most of the pictures, and in the few where it is visible, it’s quite large.)

Ultimately, I think people are reading a little too much into a teaser that’s less than a minute long and almost certainly uses renders, not the actual watch. Is there are argument to be made that the edit could be misleading? Sure, but we also don’t have the actual product to compare to. Plus, there are two versions of the same video — it’s not clear which one is more accurate to the real product.

And we likely won’t have those answers until October 6th at the earliest. Google’s expected to unveil the Pixel Watch alongside the Pixel 7 series at an event on October 6th. We may get a better idea of the Pixel Watch bezel situation at the event, or after when units get into the hands of reviewers. Either way, it’s a bit early to get up in arms over small changes in the clock size in a teaser video for an unreleased product.

Header image credit: Google

Source: Reddit, Droid Life Via: Android Police