Pixel Watch design showcased in new Google video

This is the best look yet at the company's upcoming smart watch

Google dropped the closest look yet at its upcoming Pixel Watch wearable. A 51 second video posted to the ‘Made by Google’ YouTube channel shows off the watch from several angles and with several watch faces.

Called “The Design of Google Pixel Watch,” the short video really only includes about 30 seconds of actual Pixel Watch footage, with the rest of the video showing the Google logo and a collection of the company’s upcoming hardware, including the Pixel 7 and 7 Pro.

The video clip gives a good look at the rotating crown, while at the seven-second mark we get an excellent side profile view that shows off how thick the Pixel Watch is. There’s the curved glass top, the middle case, and the bottom sensor layer. That said, I’ll reserve judgements on the thickness until I actually get my hands on one since it can be hard to tell how thick it actually is from a short clip.

Continuing on, we get a side view showing where the band attaches to the watch, followed by another view showing the bands actually attaching to the Pixel Watch. What’s particularly interesting about this is the watch rotates a little before the bands ‘click’ into place.

After that, the video flashes through different watch faces and Pixel Watch styles, gives a closer look at the clasp on the band (which is nearly identical to the clasp on the Fitbit Sense), and that’s it.

We’ll likely learn more about the Google Pixel Watch and more at the company’s upcoming October event.

Header image credit: Google (video screenshot)