iOS 16.1’s beta visually changes the iPhone’s battery percentage indicator

It's weird that iOS 16's battery percentage indicator didn't launch with this feature

iPhone 14 battery indicator

Apple’s second iOS 16.1 beta adds a notable missing feature to the recently released operating system update.

Instead of just showing a number in the battery indicator in the top right corner of the smartphone when the percentage is turned on, the tiny battery now visually shifts depending on the device’s charge (via MacRumors).

Before this update and in the current public version of iOS 16, the visual battery indicator remains stagnant and always displays as full with the percentage on, whether your iPhone is 100 percent or 30 percent charged.

The visual battery indicator will likely get a public release in the coming weeks.

Apple offered the battery percentage indicator for several years but killed off the feature when the iPhone X launched in 2017. However, with the release of iOS 16, it’s back and compatible with all of the tech giant’s recently released smartphones.

Source: @iSpeedtestOS Via: MacRumors