Rogers discounts a couple plans by $5/mo for a limited time

You can now get a 45GB plan for $90/mo or a 50GB plan for $95/mo

Toronto-based national carrier Rogers discounted two of its plans by $5/mo. The move comes after Rogers replaced its $110/mo 65GB plan with a $100/mo 50GB plan.

Now, that 50GB plan costs $95/mo for a limited time. Along with the change to the 50GB plan, Rogers reduced its $95/mo 45GB plan to $90/mo.

A $5/mo discount may not sound like a huge amount, but it can add up over time. For example, $5/mo over two years adds up to $120 in total. Naturally, I’d like a larger monthly discount, but $5 off is $5 off.

Rogers’ plans as of March 8, 2022

Rogers’ change almost matches a similar discount Telus applied to its plans a few days ago. Both carriers have $85/mo 25GB base plans (unchanged by the new discounts) and $95/mo 50GB plans. The only real difference is the middle plan — Rogers’ $90/mo 45GB plan to Telus’ $85/mo 40GB plan. Oh, and the other major difference is Telus’ recently-added data speed caps.

Bell also tweaked its plans, offering prices similar to Rogers and Telus, but it still has a $100/mo 50GB price.

You can check out Rogers’ plans here.