Nintendo will manufacture 20 percent fewer Switch consoles due to chip shortage

The Japanese gaming giant is being hit by the ongoing chip shortage yet again

Switch OLED Model

It seems that nearly every tech hardware company is suffering from the ongoing chip shortage on some level.

The latest victim is Nintendo and its Switch consoles, according to Nikkei Asia. The Japanese gaming giant behind the Switch, Switch Lite and the recently released Switch OLED model will produce 20 percent fewer consoles than it originally planned due to a shortage of semiconductors and other components.

In total, Nintendo will manufacture 24 million Switch units, according to Nikkei.

“The supply and demand of semiconductor parts is tight, and is affecting Switch production. We are assessing the impact,” said a Nintendo spokesperson in a statement to the publication. It’s worth noting that during the holiday shopping season last year, the Switch was also challenging to find.

Last month, Nintendo released a new version of the Switch that features a subtly redesigned build and an OLED display. Though many people expected the company to finally reveal a true 4K-capable successor to the Switch, that has yet to happen.

While the OLED Switch is a decent upgrade to the original console, it still features the same ageing chip and overall design as the nearly four-year-old Switch.

In other Nintendo-related news, the company recently added a new ‘Expansion Pack’ tier to its Switch Online subscription service that includes N64 and Sega Genesis titles. The package has been heavily criticized for featuring poor emulation involving graphical glitches, delayed button presses and more.

Source: Nikkei Asia