More powerful Mac mini to drop in a few months, says new leak

More ports and a new design are also expected

A very powerful Mac mini with a plethora of new ports is reportedly launching at some point over the next several months.

This new model will likely be powered by the new M1X chipset and replace the higher-end Intel models that Apple currently sells. This should mean that the new Mac mini will feature four Thunderbolt/USB 4 ports and allow it to support three external displays.

On a more exciting note, the leak, which comes from Mark Gurman’s Bloomberg newsletter, also claims that the new computer will have a new hardware design. I’d expect this to shrink down the footprint considering how small Apple was able to make the new M1 iMac.

Since we’re expecting Apple to have a jam-packed fall full of product launches, I wouldn’t be surprised if this got pushed back until after the new iPhones in September. In November 2020, Apple launched the current M1 Mac mini and M1 MacBooks, so it wouldn’t be surprising to see another Mac event in November 2021.

When Apple launched the first M1 Macs, it also said that it would replace all of its Intel products in two years. This is almost the end of the first year since that happened, and it looks like Apple will finally replace all of the Intel Mac minis and MacBooks.

We’ll likely have to wait a little longer to see Apple replace the really high-end Mac Pro.

Source: Mark Gurman Via: The Verge