Google bringing multi-window Chrome tabs to mobile in Android 12

Android 12 might make it a lot easier to multitask

A new string of code uncovered by XDA Developers has revealed that Google might be working on a new Chrome feature on Android that might make it easier to multi-task.

The new string of code shows off a button called ‘New Window’ button that appears when you’re using Chrome in split-screen. Then, if you tap on the button, it opens up a second Chrome window in the section of the screen that’s not in use.

The publication says you can open a total of five windows, but you can have unlimited tabs in each window. The plus side of having all of these windows open is that you can access each one within the multi-tasking section.

This should help push multi-tasking further in Android 12, but what I’m curious about is whether this will lead to more desktop capabilities baked into Android. Back when Android 10 launched, there was a secret desktop mode that so far hasn’t really turned into anything substantial. If Chrome on Mobile gets more powerful, it could allow Android 12 devices to emulate a semi-Chromebook-instance, kind of like Samsung Dex.

Source: XDA Developers