Google Pixel 6 and 6 Pro won’t have an in-box charger

Apple and Samsung have also ditched in-box chargers

Google’s Pixel 5a (that’s not launching in Canada) will be the company’s last device to launch with an in-box charging brick. This means the next Canadian Pixel devices (we assume), the Pixel 6 and 6 Pro, won’t offer an in-box charger.

Google says that people already have a USB-C charging brick. This comment isn’t out of the ordinary, as companies like Apple and Samsung have made similar arguments when they got rid of their in-box chargers.

Additionally, removing packed-in chargers creates less e-waste since there are fewer plastic pieces out in the world.

However, as The Verge points out, three major smartphone companies removing chargers from their box will likely encourage other phone manufacturers to start doing the same.

Via: The Verge