Fido customers can save up to $35 per month when bundling home internet and mobile plans

That's $420 worth of savings for the customer's first year

Fido is offering customers a notable discount for their first 12 months when bundling home internet and mobile plans.

Starting now, new and existing Fido mobile customers can bundle Fido home internet and mobile plans and save up to $35 a month for their first 12 months.

That’s equivalent to $420 worth of savings for the full year if you sign up for the company’s 75u or 150u Fido Home internet plans. Fido’s mobile plans start at $45 per month.

Additionally, if you’re new to Fido, an incentive could be the company’s Fido XTRA perk program that has offered pretty cool deals in the past, including two months free YouTube premium,free medium coffee from Second Cup, 55 percent off select audio devices and more.

Source: Fido