Rogers expands its 5G network to Saint John, New Brunswick

The carrier says its 5G network is now available in over 700 communities nationwide

Rogers has expanded its 5G network to reach residents and businesses in Saint John, New Brunswick.

The Toronto-based national carrier’s 5G network is now available in 11 communities in the province, including Moncton and Fredericton.

Rogers says its 5G network is now available in over 700 communities nationwide. The carrier plans to reach 1,000 communities by the end of the year.

“The expansion of the 5th generation wireless network is an exciting opportunity, providing a new wireless standard that’s faster, more responsive and has greater capacity enhancing Saint John’s connectivity to the world,” said Saint John Mayor Donna Reardon in a statement.

The carrier notes that 5G will support a massive increase in the number of connected devices that require real-time connectivity for applications like earthquake prevention using AI and machine learning, autonomous mining and smart city applications.

Rogers has also partnered with Ignite Fredericton to provide 5G service to its Innovation Lab at the Cyber Centre in Knowledge Park.

Rogers launched its 5G network in January 2020 in Vancouver, Toronto, Ottawa and Montreal.