Apple Watch Series 7 could feature squared-off design like iPhone 12 series

The next Apple Watch may also come in a green colour

Apple Watch Series 6

The Apple Watch Series 7 reportedly could sport a small redesign that brings the hardware more in line with what the company’s doing with its iPhone and iPad. In other words, the next Apple Watch could sport a similar squared-off design to the iPad Pro and iPhone 12.

This latest rumour comes from YouTube leaker Jon Prosser, who teased the redesign on his ‘Genius Bar’ podcast with Sam Kohl. The pair discuss the redesign in mostly vague statements that don’t actually reveal much about it beyond that there’s a redesign. Further, Prosser indicated that “Ian” is working on the next Apple Watch — likely, that’s a reference to Ian Zelbo, a concept artist who regularly creates renders based on leaked images obtained by Prosser for Prosser’s FrontPageTech channel.

You can watch the clip here (starting at 28.27) or check out the embed below:

All that is to say we can likely expect a future video from Prosser with more detail about the Apple Watch Series 7. However, despite Prosser’s best efforts to obscure the news (he even bleeped out some of what Kohl said on the podcast), we did learn a few things about the Apple Watch Series 7.

First, Kohl mentions that the new Apple Watch follows “similar design language” to other Apple products. Later in the podcast, Kohl expresses concern that the design could be “too sharp or too jagged,” further indicating the redesign will have squared-off edges. However, for those with similar concerns, Kohl and Prosser go on to discuss that the leaked images they’ve seen don’t look too sharp and have slightly rounded edges.

Kohl also indicates the watch may be available in a similar green colour to the AirPods Max he’s wearing in the podcast.

While a few vague descriptions from Prosser’s podcast may not offer a lot of detail (or seem super reliable), Prosser and Kohl aren’t the only ones who have suggested the Watch Series 7 will sport a new look. Reliable Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo also said the next Apple Watch would sport a redesign about a year ago.

Still, it’d be best to take the leak with a grain of salt for now, and we’ll see what happens in the fall.

Source: Genius Bar (Jon Prosser) Via: 9to5Mac