Nintendo’s new ‘Blue’ Switch Lite launches May 21st

Yet another version of Blue has arrived

Switch Lite Blue

Despite possibilities of Switch and Switch Lite hardware shortages looming on the horizon, Nintendo has revealed a new Switch Lite colour variant.

The “fresh new blue’ colour seems to have a strong purple tinge to it that’s reminiscent of the classic purple Game Boy Colour, Game Boy Advancr or even the 3DS (Nintendo seems to have a thing for purplely blue).

Nintendo of Canada says the new Switch Lite colour launches on May 21st for $259, the same date Miitopia, its upcoming adventure title, also releases.

Blue Switch Lite Box

Though the Switch Lite can’t be docked and played on a television, it’s a well-made, slightly cheaper version of the console.

The Switch Lite is now available in ‘Blue,’ ‘Turquoise,’ ‘Gray,’ ‘Yellow’ and ‘Coral.’

Source: @NintendoCanada