Android 12 possibly adding new ‘one-handed mode’

This will make taller phones easier to use

A new leak related to Android 12 suggests that the operating system (OS) update will implement a mode that makes tall smartphones more comfortable to use with one hand.

The feature will apparently function much like Apple’s ‘Reachability’ functionality by bringing the top half of the screen down to make it temporarily easier to reach. This is unlike other one-handed Android modes that scale both the vertical and horizontal sides of the device’s screen into one corner of the display.

9to5Google says that users will be able to use a gesture, such as swiping up on the corners to enable the one-handed mode. You can swipe up to disable the mode, or you can set it to time out after a few seconds.

It should also exit when you open apps or the keyboard.

The Android 12 Developer Preview is expected to launch shortly, with a full release in the summer. That is, of course, if the mobile OS follows a similar release schedule to last year.

So far, Android 12 leaks have revealed a new look, a custom theme option, new multitasking and more.

Source: 9to5Google