OnePlus is reportedly working on even faster wireless charging tech

This time the company is focusing on wireless charging

OnePlus has carved out a small niche for itself in North America by delivering fast charging speeds with its smartphones. Now, it looks like the upcoming OnePlus 9 series is set to continue that trend.

The OnePlus 9 series is expected to support 45-watt wireless fast charging, putting OnePlus’ wireless charging implementation closer to its plugged-in chargers’ speeds. Rumours suggest that both the OnePlus 9 and 9 Pro will support wireless charging, but it’s unclear if they’ll both feature fast wireless charging.

Currently, OnePlus has a few versions of fast charging, all of which are branded as ‘Warp charging.’ The older versions were called ‘Dash chargers’ and are slower. The latest implementation of Warp Charge on the OnePlus 8T can charge the phone in just under 40 minutes with the specific cable and OnePlus 65-watt power brick. Beyond that, there are slower versions of the charging tech trickling down the OnePlus phone lineup.

The OnePlus 8 series could take 30-watt fast charging, branded as Warp charge 30T, and the 8 Pro can even accept wireless charging. The wireless charging is based around 30-watt charging speeds but requires a proprietary OnePlus wireless charger with a built-in fan for cooling.

While I found the ultrafast desk charger cool when I reviewed the 8 Pro, it was loud and didn’t add much to my life. Since I spend a lot of time at my desk with a phone on a wireless charging dock, fast charging or not, I almost always pick up my phone with a full charge anyway, so the extra charging speeds went mostly unnoticed.

Hopefully, this time around OnePlus can come up with a more elegant cooling solution to make the charging dock a little smaller and quieter.

Source: Max Jambour (Voice)