Samsung’s Galaxy Buds Pro rumoured to feature Apple spatial audio-like feature

The Buds Pro will likely launch in early January alongside the Galaxy S21 series

Galaxy Buds Plus

Details about Samsung’s often-rumoured Galaxy Buds Pro, which at this point almost certainly exist, have appeared once again.

The higher-end Galaxy Buds Pro are poised to join the original Buds, Buds+ and Samsung’s excellent Buds Live as the fourth entry in Samsung’s current earbud lineup. What sets these parts from the company’s other Bluetooth earbuds is that they’re rumoured to include a 3D spatial audio-like feature that sounds very similar to Apple’s AirPods Pro and AirPods Max are capable of, and active noise-cancelling.

Design-wise, the Buds Pro seems to look a lot like the Buds+, though the shape falls somewhere between the bean-like Buds Live and the Buds+, which feature a more traditional in-ear design.

According to a recent APK teardown and a Samsung Store leak uncovered by XDA Developers, 3D spatial audio simulates surround sound and changes the direction of where audio is coming from based on your head’s positioning. Further, the feature will only work with Samsung smartphones running Android 11.

Other notable new features include ‘Voice Detect,’ which will allow users to lower the media volume and turn on audio pass through when you’re talking. The Galaxy Buds Pro are also tipped to feature individual left/right volume adjustment for those with hearing issues.

It’s unclear how much the Buds Pro will cost in Canada, but they’re expected to release alongside Samsung’s rumoured Galaxy S21 smartphones in early January.

Given Samsung’s Galaxy Buds Live now cost $199 at most retailers (they launched at $249), it’s likely the Buds Pro will cost somewhere between $250 and $300 (they’re also on sale for $149). For context, Apple’s AirPods Pro cost $329.

Image credit: XDA Developers

Source: XDA Developers