OnePlus founder Carl Pei’s next venture is audio related

We're expecting to see hardware from the company in 2021

After leaving OnePlus in the fall of 2020, co-founder Carl Pei has started a new venture that focuses on audio products.

In an exclusive interview with Wired, Pei told the publication “that multiple pieces of hardware will be coming in 2021,” and that the new venture is much more than just headphones.

This leads me to believe that Pei and his new European-based team are working on some sort of multi-room audio experience like Sonos, or perhaps the company aims to take things a step further like the secretive audio startup Syng and focus on the next generation of home audio.

Since Pei and OnePlus focused on making low-cost devices capable of competing with higher-end hardware that costs a lot more, there’s also a chance that he could take a similar route with his next company.

The Wired interview says that Pei is working with less than 10 people and plans to open its headquarters in London, England. That said, the entrepreneur has tweeted out a hiring page looking to establish an office in India.

Hopefully, the new hardware comes out in early 2021, so we won’t have to wait long to see what Pei is working on.

Source: Wired