OnePlus CEO confirms we’re not getting an 8T Pro this year

Hopefully OnePlus gears down to only releasing one flagship at a time again

As we inch closer to OnePlus’ October 14th event, the company’s CEO has clarified that fans should only get excited about the OnePlus 8T because there won’t be an 8T Pro.

This isn’t a huge surprise since there have been no leaks regarding a higher-level phone.

That said, if you’ve seen the battery and screen specs that the company has shared plus some of the leaks, you’ll know that the 8T is stacking up to be a flagship-level device in its own right.

Last year in Canada, OnePlus only released the 7T in Canada with no 7T pro, so the fact that there’s no pro version this year shouldn’t rattle Canadians too much.

The 8 Pro is still a good option as well since it also has a 120Hz display and a fairly modern chipset. If the 8T leaks are correct, the 8 Pro will be a bit of a larger phone, so people who like giant phones will likely be happier with the 8 Pro.

Beyond the lack of an 8T Pro, OnePlus also mentioned recently that the 8T is going to come with OxygenOS 11 right out of the box. In the OxygenOS 11 beta for the OnePlus 8 and 8 Pro, there are still a lot of bugs, so hopefully, OnePlus can address these before the 8T ships.

Source: 9to5Google