EB Games listing points to Xbox All Access financing starting at $29.99/month in Canada

The page has since been scrubbed of details, but not before screenshots were taken to provide some clarity

Xbox series S

EB Games Canada has seemingly revealed initial pricing details and terms for Xbox All Access, Microsoft’s console financing program.

The retailer, which is the exclusive Canadian provider of All Access, has published a listing for financing for the Xbox One S, which it has priced at $29.99 CAD/month.

While most of the information from the listing has since been removed, Twitter user Lbabinz (@Lbabinz) was able to take some screenshots beforehand.

Interestingly, the listing carried with it some conflicting information, with the product name mentioning the $379.99 CAD Xbox One S and the product description referring to the $599 Xbox Series X. Given that discrepancy, it seems that this was a not-yet-finalized placeholder page that went live early, and therefore, should not be taken as official pricing for now. Further, there’s no specific details on financing the Xbox Series S or Series X as of yet.

Still, this does seem to provide some early details on the program. For one, it suggests that the program will start at $29.99/month for the Xbox One S, with no payment required upfront. This would line up with U.S. pricing, which is $22.99 USD/month (about $30.77 CAD/month). For context, U.S. All Access financing for the Xbox Series S (priced at $379 outright in Canada) is $24.99 USD/month (about $33.45 CAD/month) and $34.99 USD/month (about $46.84 CAD/month) for the Xbox Series X.

Additionally, EB Games Canada’s listing mentioned that financing would be offered through a ‘PayPlan’ from RBC. This is the first time that a specific Canadian banking institution has been mentioned in regards to Xbox All Access. In terms of interest, the PayPlan would have a 0 percent Annual Percentage Rate (APR), which is also what is offered in the U.S.

The $29.99 monthly fee would be charged for 24 months, meaning Canadians would have to pay $719.76 CAD when all is said and done, excluding taxes. Given that the Xbox One S costs $379.99 CAD, this might seem to be quite a bit more in the long run.

That said, the price is offset by the fact that All Access includes Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, which offers unlimited access to a catalogue of more than 100 games on console, PC and even Android. Game Pass Ultimate is priced at $16.99/month, which would work out to $407.76 (excluding taxes) were you a paying subscriber for 24 months. When combining this $407.76 cost with the Xbox One S’ $379.99 price tag, it comes up to $787.75 (excluding taxes).

Finally, the listing mentions that All Access won’t be available in Quebec to start, but it is “coming soon.”

For now, though, take most of this information with a grain of salt. MobileSyrup is working to get official details from Microsoft and EB Games Canada and will provide an update once that information becomes available.

Last week, an EB Games Canada spokesperson told MobileSyrup that details on All Access financing “will be provided shortly.” This was shortly after Microsoft confirmed that All Access wouldn’t available when pre-orders for the next-gen consoles go live, which ended up happening on

The Xbox Series S and Xbox Series X will launch in Canada on November 10th. For more information, read our initial impressions on the Series X here.

Image credit: Microsoft