Microsoft hid the Xbox Series S in plain sight months ahead of reveal

It's pretty shocking no one noticed this

Xbox Series S

In an amusing turn of events, Microsoft’s Xbox Series S was sitting in plain sight months before its official reveal.

Microsoft’s official Twitter account recently tweeted that Phil Spencer, the company’s head of all things gaming, hid an Xbox Series S on a shelf behind him during three YouTube video interviews back in July.

Last week, Microsoft revealed the $379 CAD Xbox Series S a little earlier than initially planned following a late-night leak regarding the console’s design and specs.

Instead of targeting 4K 60fps gaming like the more powerful Series X, the Series S aims to offer 1080p and 1440p gaming. Both the Series S and Series X feature the same CPU, though the former console runs at a lower 3.4Ghz clock speed compared to the more powerful console’s 3.8Ghz.

Further, the Series S’ GPU features 4 teraflops of power, while the Series X comes in at 12.15 teraflops.

Source: Xbox