Bluepoint Games’ Demon’s Souls remake is releasing on PlayStation 5

Get ready to die all over again

Bluepoint Games’ Demon’s Souls is coming back.

The game that some say started the gruesomely difficult ‘Soulbsborne’ genre — challenging action role-playing games where death means all the enemies come back and you have to try and collect your experience before dying again — is coming to Sony’s recently revealed PlayStation 5.

What’s even more challenging about Demon’s Souls is that each time you die, the game’s enemies become even harder, so the player has to try their best not to perish.

Demon’s Souls initially launched in 2009 and was developed by FromSoftware. This time around, Bluepoint Games is working on the remake of the game.


PlayStation announced the remake at its PS5 console reveal event, but unfortunately, it’s unclear when the title will release on the PS5 or if it will also be coming to the Xbox Series X and PC.