Microsoft’s Surface Audio companion app available on iOS, Android and Windows

Surface Audio helps customize settings for Microsoft's Surface Headphones and Earbuds

Surface Audio app

With Microsoft’s new Surface Earbuds and Surface Headphones 2 available in Canada, some people may have already placed orders. And if you’re eagerly waiting by the mailbox for your new audio devices, you may want to take some time to download the app.

The Microsoft Surface Audio app is on Windows, iOS and Android and if you want to get the most out of your new Surface devices, you’ll want it installed. It also works great for the original Surface Headphones if you’ve got those.

Microsoft’s new companion app is a pretty simple experience that lets users customize the settings of their Surface audio devices, install software updates and more. It also shows information like the current battery level, volume, and noise cancellation.

Surface Audio offers up plenty of options to play around with. For the moment, I have it connected to the original Surface Headphones since I don’t have Surface Earbuds or Headphones 2 to connect to the app. There will likely be more options with those newer devices.

That said, the app lets me do quite a bit with the old Surface Headphones. I can view a list of paired devices and disconnect the Headphones from a device it’s currently connected with. I can also set equalizer settings, change the language or rename the Headphones — by default, they’re called Surface Headphones.

Further, the Surface Audio app lets me customize things like Cortana voice activation, touch controls, voice prompts and more. Finally, there are tutorial videos to show users how to use the product, links to help pages and options to factory reset the Headphones.

Beyond that, the app doesn’t do much else — but it also doesn’t need to. When you first download Surface Audio, it asks you to connect a device. If you don’t have a device, or don’t plan on getting one, there’s probably no reason to download it.

According to AppBrain, the Surface Audio app has been available on the Play Store for about a week, which tracks considering Microsoft only announced the new Surface products earlier this month.

Surface Audio is available for free from the Microsoft Store, App Store and Play Store.

Via: Android Police