Grey Pixel 4 XL prototype appears in Chinese online marketplace

A prototype Pixel 4 XL has leaked online on Chinese shopping site Taobao.

This Pixel 4 XL comes in a never-before-seen grey colour variant that’s evidently lighter than the regular ‘Just Black’ colour variant. This grey smartphone features an even lighter grey power button giving it a unique colour contract that looks great.

Unlike the ‘Just Black’ version of the Pixel 4 XL, the grey colour sports a matte rear like the ‘Clearly White’ and the ‘Oh So Orange’ versions of the smartphone.

Similar to the other models, the frame and the volume rocker are also black. Additionally, there are some markers that make reference to ‘VZW,’ which symbolizes Verizon Wireless. There are also references to ‘p19faceaut’ and an ‘engineering machine’ sticker that references the ‘Coral‘ codename.

The store is selling the device for ¥2,699, which is equivalent to $538.35 CAD. The model on sale also features 64GB of storage. It’s unclear if Google was planning on ever releasing Pixel 4 XL colour variant.

Source: Taoboa, XDA Developers