Apple leaks point to gamepad, iPhone 12 with smaller notch and iPad in-display fingerprint scanner

Apple leaks are kicking into high gear

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Several interesting Apple-related rumours from different sources appeared throughout this past weekend.

First, an anonymous Twitter account called @L0vetodream that has a somewhat accurate track record, tweeted that Apple is reportedly working on its own video game controller that will presumably work with the iPhone, iPad and Apple TV. This would be an uncharacteristic move for the company given iOS 13 brought support for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One gamepads. It’s unclear how Apple’s take on a video game controller would be different from Sony’s and Microsoft’s current gamepads.

This same account also tweeted that future versions of the iPad will feature mini-LED display technology coupled with an under-screen Touch ID fingerprint scanner. Given Apple recently used the iPad Pro to experiment with new features it will likely bring to its next iPhone — including a LiDAR sensor and a more iPhone 4-like angular design — it makes sense for the technology to make its way to the company’s tablet line first. The tech giant typically adopts established technology later than its competitors, but often makes it better in specific ways. Since in-display fingerprint sensors have been around for a few years in the Android space, Apple bringing the technology to an upcoming iPad fits with that historical timeline.

Finally, @L0vetodream also tweeted that Apple plans to remove the large earpiece receiver from future iPhones, with this information also being corroborated this weekend by YouTuber Jon Prosser, another source of Apple leaks that has a history of sometimes being accurate. Prosser shared an image of what seems to be an internal schematic design for the iPhone 12 series’ smaller front-facing Face ID sensor.

While an anonymous account, @L0vetodream has a history of being surprisingly accurate. For example, over the past few months, the account has correctly leaked several rumours surrounding the iPhone SE and iPad (2020). The account has also been linked to Apple’s rumoured HomePod Lite, a smaller, cheaper version of the HomePod Bloomberg also recently reported on, as well as low-cost Bluetooth earbuds called AirPods X.

It’s important to keep in mind that these are leaks coming from sources that don’t have a flawless accuracy record. For instance, @L0vetodream previously reported that Apple’s new iPhone SE (2020) would be called the iPhone 9.

Source: @L0vetodream, @jon_prosser Via: 9to5Mac