Fizz Mobile is offering $35 referral bonus until June 15

You'll have to activate the SIM card before June 15th

Fizz Mobile is bringing back its $35 referral bonus until June 15th. When you refer a friend to Fizz, you’ll both receive a $35 referral bonus.

Friends will need to use the referral code between now and June 15th, which means they need to activate their new Fizz SIM card for a mobile plan. For a home internet plan, they need to set up their installation appointment.

Note the $35 credit is applied to the next monthly payment and it’ll only kick in once the new member has accumulated two months of service.

If the code is used after June 15th, it’ll be for the typical $25 referral bonus.

Those who don’t have friends to share codes with can post their code in the Fizz community forum here.

Source: Fizz Community