Datamined Animal Crossing code suggest return of Crazy Redd, diving and more

If Redd has a boat, does that make him a pirate?

An Animal Crossing fan has dug through the game’s code and discovered a ton of features that seem like they’re coming to New Horizon’s in the future.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons has been out for a month now and players have noticed some absent features from older games like Art, diving, another shop upgrade and more. At first, people seemed to think that the more they played, the more the rumoured content would slowly start to reveal itself. That theory is starting to look less likely, but based on the data mine, these could be features that come in future updates. Alternatively, they could be features that were scrapped before release.

That’s the key to this whole code dump: there’s no way to know if it’s the building blocks for future features or the remnants of scrapped features. Either way, I’m taking a positive outlook and hoping these features are added to New Horizons throughout the year.

First up, it looks like the fox named Crazy Redd (who sold art and fake art in previous games) will make a return at some point, but he’ll dock a little boat at the tiny beach at the top of your island instead of pitching a tent somewhere. The data also says that there will be a space added to the museum to store all the art. This makes sense since right now, the building has a staircase that leads to nowhere.

Brewster’s Café has also been a staple in the series since it began and it looks like it will make a return to the game at some point as well. Once again, it appears to be located in the museum. When this returns, it’s also rumoured to bring Gyroids back to the game. These are small musical statues that can be dug up like fossils after it rains.

Another bit of code suggests players will get to plant flower bushes like in the 2013 3DS title Animal Crossing: New Leaf, but the more exciting part of this mentions the ability to plant vegetables like tomatoes and wheat, according to Polygon.

After this, there’s some code that mentions the return of diving (also from New Leaf) and another shop upgrade since, as of right now, it only seems like there are two versions of Nook’s Cranny in the game.

As I stated off the top, it’s unclear if this code is scrapped features or the building blocks for something new. I think the code likely relates to new features since Nintendo seems to be treating the game more like its mobile title Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp, which features in-game events/updates aimed at keeping players occupied over a more extended period.

Source: Polygon