Robert Downey Jr. shows off OnePlus 8 Pro’s water resistance feature in new ad

To cap off the release of the OnePlus 8 series, the China-based smartphone manufacturer released a two-minute international ad.

The promotional video stars former Iron Man actor and brand ambassador Robert Downey Jr., throughout his day before he heads out to a party. This includes Downey Jr. driving on a closed set disregarding traffic laws while being late for an appointment.

After the director calls cut, the video of his Crazy Taxi-like driving skills is downloaded to his OnePlus 8 Pro, and he heads out to get a tailored suit to match his phone for a party, which he learns later is a pool party.

The ad showcases OnePlus 8 Pro’s features including 5G, wireless charging, its 120HZ display refresh rate and water resistance. The Oneplus 8 Pro was earlier leaked on the set of this ad back in March.

You can view the full ad below.

Source: OnePlus via 9to5Google