City of Surrey still ticketing Uber drivers despite pushback from province

The mayor of Surrey is attempting to prevent the rideshare service from operating

Bylaw officers in Surrey, B.C. are still ticketing Uber drivers, despite the premier of the province stating that the service has permission to operate.

Councillor Brenda Locke has said that bylaw officers are still giving Uber drivers $500 fines for operating in the city.

“I think the ticketing is absolutely harsh and I don’t know why we’re doing it in Surrey. I don’t think it’s necessary,” Locke told City News.

On February 5th, the B.C. Supreme Court is deciding whether it will issue an order to the city to force it to stop ticketing Uber drivers.

“Then the City of Surrey can get on with things other than worrying about Uber. It’s going to be coming anyway, it’s provincial, and the public in Surrey absolutely want it,” Locke said.

The mayor of Surrey, Doug McCallum, is attempting to outlaw rideshare services in the city. However, Premier John Horgan says that McCallum should stop trying to prevent the service from operating in the city.

Horgan said the Passenger Transportation Board has done a good job at balancing the interests of the public and the transportation industry.

Source: City News