Koodo reportedly offering some customers $75/15GB plan

Since Koodo appears to be calling customers, your mileage may vary on this deal

Koodo is offering customers $75 15GB bring-your-own-device (BYOD) plans again.

The Telus flanker brand reportedly reached out to a customer with the offer, which includes unlimited nationwide minutes, unlimited messaging, call display, voicemail and more. Further, Koodo told the customer, who shared the details with iPhone in Canada, that plan wouldn’t receive a price increase and would be indefinite.

The customer had joined Koodo about nine months ago and was on an $85 per month 8GB plan BYOD plan.

Currently, the highest plan on Koodo’s website is $75 for 10GB of data, meaning this offer grants an extra 5GB for free.

While hard to believe that Koodo would just call up a customer and offer them a significantly better plan, the company did the same thing to me last summer, and also offered some customers $75 20GB plans.

Those interested should call into Koodo to see if they can get the offer as well, but your mileage may vary. Considering Koodo seems to call customers with the offer, it may be difficult to get hold of a customer service representative able to offer the plan.

Koodo isn’t the only carrier offering significant data discounts. Bell offered a limited time $75 20GB plan. Telus’ version of the offer ended, but the company has brought it back for another round.

Source: iPhone in Canada