Leaked images of Xbox Series X’s rear ports reveal nothing we didnt already know

The Series X is set to be a thicc boi

The back of the Xbox Series X has appeared once again.

Unsurprisingly, leaked images of the rear of the Xbox Series X have confirmed that the console features two USB-A ports, power, HDMI, optical audio-in and an unknown rectangular port that seems to be for diagnostic reports and services.

The leaked photos posted by Neogaf user ‘Curry Panda’ confirm earlier rumours regarding the Series X’s rear port array. Two vents flank all of the ports.

There’s also a slot at the top of the console that makes it seem like its rear cover might be able to be removed, though this will likely change with the final version of the console.

Amusingly, both the Series X’s barcode and serial number are included in the image, which means Microsoft can likely track exactly who posted this image to Neogaf.

Along with the back of the Series X, Curry Panda also leaked an image of the front of the console (seen above), giving us our first actual image of the system that isn’t a render. It’s unclear if the location this image was shot in a super dusty room, or if the Series X is a magnet for dust particles. Both leaked images of the console show the Series X covered in dust.

Microsoft plans to release the Xbox Series X this coming holiday season. On the other side of the brewing console war, footage of PlayStation 5 title Godfall leaked earlier this week. Sony is rumoured to have plans to hold an event in February where the company will unveil its next-gen console.

Image credit: Neogaf (CurryPanda)

Source: Neogaf (CurryPanda)