Huawei signs deal to work with TomTom to replace Google Maps in its phones

Huawei and TomTom signed the deal to work together "some time ago"

Huawei is finding a way to replace Google Maps on its devices due to the U.S. ban placed on the company.

Huawei and Netherland-based TomTom announced that it closed a deal for the use of its maps and services in Huawei’s smartphones, according to a report from Reuters. Moreover, TomTom spokesperson Remco Meerstra stated that the two companies closed the deal “some time ago,” but only just made it public.

The deal will allow Huawei to use TomTom’s maps, traffic information and its navigation software when making apps for the company’s smartphones. Considering the two electronic-makers closed the deal some time ago, Huawei could potentially have new apps using TomTom’s software already in development.

The China-based phone maker was banned by the U.S. in 2019 and was prevented by the U.S. government from working together with other U.S.-based companies. This resulted in Google breaking ties with Huawei, which lost access to apps like Google Chrome, YouTube and Google Maps.

Source: Reuters