Sony says PlayStation 5’s ‘bigger differences’ have yet to be revealed

PlayStation buttons sign

While Sony has slowly been peeling back the curtain on the PlayStation 5, the tech giant says there is still much to be revealed about its next-generation console.

Speaking to Business Insider at CES 2020, PlayStation boss Jim Ryan teased that the PS5 will have “special appeals” to entice customers.

One of those is the already-confirmed solid state drive, which Ryan said will result in “load times that are next to nothing.” Other PS5 specs include a CPU based on the third-generation AMD Ryzen processor, a GPU based on AMD’s Radeon Navi, ray tracing to support up to 8K visuals and support for PlayStation VR.

However, Ryan noted that there are “still more unique elements for PlayStation 5 to come that separate it from previous consoles.” According to Ryan, the console’s “‘bigger differences’ have yet to be announced.”

Ryan didn’t elaborate on what these features might be and instead went onto talk about some of the improvements introduced with the PS5’s DualShock 5 controller.

“3D audio and the haptic feedback support of the controller are also things that, when you try them, you will be surprised at how big a change they are,” said Ryan. “Even just playing the racing game Gran Turismo Sport with a PlayStation 5 controller is a completely different experience. While it runs well with the previous controller, there is no going back after you experience the detailed road surface via haptic control and play using the adaptive triggers.”

This isn’t all that’s known about the DualShock 5 controller. Based on renders and devkit leaks, the controller is rumoured to have Xbox Elite Controller-like back paddles. This is in addition to a built-in mic, USB-C connectivity and the removal of the DualShock 4’s battery-draining light bar.

Otherwise, much has yet to be revealed about the PS5, including specific features, games or pricing. The console is set to launch sometime this holiday.

Source: Business Insider