Toronto-based Interaxon is back with the sleeker, more comfortable Muse S

The Muse S aims to help improve users' pre-sleep habits

Following up last year’s Muse 2 is the Muse S, a brain-sensing headband made of soft fabric that allows users to work on their meditation skills both in the daytime and before bed.

Toronto-based Interaxon says that this allows the device to promote healthy pre-sleep habits for more restorative rest.

The Muse S’s flexible form factor allows it to better fit on a broader variety of head sizes and shapes, making it easier to use during the day or at night. There’s also now specific ‘Go-to-Sleep’ content, including ‘Journeys’ and ‘Soundscape’ activities.

Just like the Muse and Muse 2, the Muse S tracks brain activity (EEG), heart rate (PPG), body movements and breathing to help train the user to improve their meditation.

Muse S Sensor

Given how uncomfortable the original Muse and even the Muse 2 is to wear for lengthy periods, it makes sense that Interaxon is releasing a more fit-conscious version of its brain-sensing headband.

The Muse S costs $449, with a Muse Guided Meditation Subscription coming in at $124 for the year or $17.49 monthly. The headset is available now on Amazon in the U.S. and Canada, as well as on the Muse’s official website.

Update 06/01/2019: The story has been updated with Canadian pricing.