Nintendo’s Switch year in review reveals what games you played the most in 2019

Find out exactly when you played Switch the most this year

If you’ve ever wondered how much time you’ve spent playing the Nintendo Switch over the past year, now is your chance.

Similar to Spotify’s year in review, Nintendo is now giving Switch owners a way to see how many hours and on what days they played Switch titles throughout 2019.

While the Switch already lets you see estimated play time per game under the ‘Profile’ tab, this new year in review option provides a more comprehensive breakdown of your gaming habits.

For example, I gamed with my Switch the most in November because that’s when Pokémon Sword and Shield launched. I also spent a lot of time with Nintendo’s console in September when the Switch Lite and The Legend of Zelda Link’s Awakening dropped.

As expected, the year in review also includes ads for several other Switch games, along with how many Nintendo Gold Points you earned in 2019.

While relatively simple, the Switch’s year in review offers a fascinating look at your gaming habits over the course of 2019.