Samsung’s clamshell foldable phone could be more affordable

The phone could cost about $1,125 CAD

Galaxy Fold

Rumour surfaced that Samsung was releasing a clamshell foldable phone next year, and now the Korean Herald has revealed that the phone might actually be affordable.

The phone is expected to retail for about $845 USD (about $1,125 CAD), which is still a lot but compared to the Galaxy Fold retailing at $2,599 CAD, this is phone is far more affordable.

The clamshell model is expected to hit the masses in February 2020, likely during Mobile World Congress. Android Authority reported that Samsung expects to also be planning a global launch of the Galaxy Fold by then as well.

The article indicated that the South Korean-based company is planning to launch the Galaxy Fold in 60 more countries, including Vietnam, New Zealand, Brazil, Chile, Italy, the Netherlands, and Greece. The Canadian division recently announced that the phone would be sold in the country.

Source: The Korean Herald Via: Android Authority