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MobileSyrup’s 2019 Holiday Gift Guide

With the holidays just around, we’ve put together our annual holiday gift guide.

Regardless of who you’re buying gifts for, we have something on this list for everyone. This year’s list includes devices ranging from gaming, computers, smartphone accessories and even a tiny music-making device.


  • Fitbit Versa 2

    Fitbit’s latest smartwatch is its best yet.

    It has Alexa built-in, NFC payments, six-day battery life and tons of other fitness-related features. Also, just like the latest Apple Watch, it features an always-on display.

    In terms of a smartwatch that is a great fitness device and a great smart device, it doesn’t get much better than the $249.99 Fitbit Versa 2.

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  • Google Stadia

    This one is for early adopters only. Google Stadia is a super cool platform that lets users stream games via the web instead of owning a costly gaming PC or console.

    So far the device can’t play games in the highest fidelity possible, but in practice, it works well and the cost for entry is relatively low.

    Google only sells the Stadia Premiere Edition that is priced at $169 and includes the company’s first-party controller and a Chromecast Ultra so users can play games on their TV.

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  • Jaybird Tarah

    These headphones are Jaybird’s sporty wireless model. They use the popular neck bud form factor, have IPX7 water and sweat proofing and a microphone for making calls.

    They have a six-hour battery life, but you can add an additional hour charge in as short as 10 minutes. There’s even a tiny clip you attach to the device’s cord so that if they fall out of your ears when you’re getting physical, they won’t go far.

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  • MX Keys

    The Logitech MX Keys is an awesome wireless keyboard that even has a backlight.

    The key travel is satisfying and it even has a number pad for people who love using those old keys.

    The keyboard should last 10 days with the backlight turned on and up to five months without the light.

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  • PhoneSoap/HomeSoap

    These soap devices aim to eradicate all of the germs your daily tech devices pickup throughout their use.

    They work by blasting UV-C light all over the phone to kill all the germs that get stuck in the crevices that cleaning wipes can’t quite reach

    PhoneSoap is purpose-built for phones, while HomeSoap is for larger items like game controllers, tablets and other larger items that get held a ton.

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  • Sonos x Ikea Symfonisk

    If you want to help someone start building an in-home multi-room audio setup, then a perfect starting place is the Ikea x Sonos Symfonisk.

    The device starts at the super reasonable price of $149 in Canada. It sounds just as good as Sonos’ highly rated One speaker, which costs around $249.

    Ikea also sells an extra bracket so you can mount to a wall and use it as a tiny shelf.

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  • Sphero Bolt

    Sphero is a tiny smartphone-controlled ball that helps kids learn how to code.

    You learn to code by teaching the ball to roll around with the help of an app. It uses block-based coding or Javascript.

    It even features a tiny LED dot matrix that allows users to program images and messages on it.

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