EB Games offers ‘Buy 2, Get 1’ on all ‘Playd’ games and other sweet deals

EB Games has trade-in credits, buy-one-get-one deals and more

EB Games Canada

If you’re on the hunt for some discounts on games, EB Games may have a few compelling offers for you.

Over on its ‘Playd | Recharged Offers’ page, the company lists some excellent deals on game trade-ins and buying used products.

First up, EB Games is offering ‘Buy 2, Get 1’ on all ‘Playd Games.’ If you’re an Edge rewards member, you can also get 100 bonus points per game. It’s a pretty sweet deal, and it’s only available on November 5th.

Customers can also take advantage of ‘Buy 1, Get 4’ on all ‘Old Gen’ games November 7th through 10th. It comes with 50 Edge points per game.

If you’re interested in the new Death Stranding game, EB Games is offering a $10 minimum trade-in credit towards it, also from November 7th to 10th.

Finally, there’s a ‘Trade 3, Get It Free’ running from November 4th to December 1st. Customers can trade-in three eligible titles with a value of $10 or more for a new release title up to two weeks after launch. EB Games says games priced at $79.99 will remain eligible for the deal after the two weeks.

If you’re looking for money to spend on new games, EB Games offering a guaranteed $50 trade credit from November 4th to December 1st as well. According to the website, select new releases priced $69.99 or higher are guaranteed to get $50 in trade credit.

You can check out all the offers on EB Games’ website.

Source: EB Games Via: @Lbabinz (Twitter)