New Nvidia Shield TV to support Google Stadia: report

Nvidia Shield TV

It appears Nvidia’s rumoured upcoming Shield TV refresh will be more exciting than we first thought.

The Daily Fix, citing an anonymous source, claims the new Shield TV will feature Stadia support, allowing the device to take advantage of Google’s upcoming gaming platform to stream video games.

What’s more, the website says Nvidia will launch the new Android TV device in November to coincide with the release of Stadia.

The website also reports that Nvidia plans to release a version of the Shield TV that doesn’t come with a controller in the box. Instead, this variant of the Shield TV will be compatible with the Stadia Controller, which recently went up for pre-order separate from the Founder’s Edition.

News of a new Shield TV first made its way online earlier this week.

Initially, it appeared the device would represent a minor refresh, with the major upgrades being a slightly faster Tegra X1 chipset and Android 9 Pie support out of the box.

Source: The Digital Fix