iOS 13 dark mode, new volume indicator leak ahead of WWDC 2019

Screenshots of the volume indicator from early iOS 13 builds suggest several new implementations

iPhone XS

As is now the normal rhythm of significant tech events, several leaks and rumours have cropped up ahead of WWDC 2019, which kicks off on June 3rd. This time around, it looks like Apple will add a dark mode to iOS with the latest update.

While the dark mode in iOS 13 isn’t a new idea, this does mark one of the first potential photos of the new feature we’ve seen, outside of some screenshots posted in late May 2019.

Leaker Ben Geskin (@BenGeskin) shared on Twitter a photo of the iOS 13 dark mode in Apple’s Reminders app. The quality of the picture isn’t great, but it does show the dark interface, as well as the app’s new UI.

Along with the dark mode photo, Geskin shared several images of what could be the new volume indicator in iOS 13.

Initially, his tweets show a rough version from an older iOS 13 build that seems similar to the Control Center volume bar. Additionally, Geskin tweeted a mock-up of the volume indicator stuck to the side of the device to mimic the physical volume buttons, similar to how Android places the volume indicator.

However, Geskin eventually settled on a volume indicator that uses the top left corner of the display, placing a volume bar beside the notch where the clock typically appears. Some apps already do this, namely Instagram, and moving the volume indicator bring some consistency to the UI.

For reference, below are screenshots showing the current Reminders app and volume indicator in iOS.

old iOS Reminders app and volume indicator

We’re likely to see the final version of the new volume indicator and dark mode during Apple’s opening WWDC keynote, which kicks off on June 3rd. You can learn how to follow along here.

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