Canada’s largest Tesla Supercharger station opens in Vancouver

Sadly they're still V2 chargers

TESLA supercharger

Vancouver’s CF Pacific Centre is now home to Canada’s largest Tesla Supercharger station.

The station can charge 22 Tesla vehicles at the same time using the city version of V2 chargers that output 72 kW of power. While these aren’t as fast as the company’s recently announced V3 or the updated V2 chargers they can output a 150kW peak charging rate. 

It makes sense that this station is in B.C. since the province is trying to push the sales of electric vehicles with a new mandate that states all cars sold in B.C. by 2040 need to be zero-emissions vehicles.

Tesla hasn’t updated its online map to reflect the new station, but MobileSyrup has reached out to Tesla to clarify more information about the chargers and if there might be any other large scale stations coming to Canada.

Source: Daily Hive