Samsung is reportedly planning an Apple Arcade rival

Could Samsung be looking to launch a mobile game subscription platform?

It looks like Samsung could have plans to launch a mobile game subscription service similar to Apple’s upcoming Apple Arcade platform, according to a recently filed patent.

The South Korean tech giant filed a patent in the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office for a service called ‘PlayGalaxy Link.’ Although it’s still unclear, it seems Samsung opted not to go with Galaxy Play as the service’s name likely because it sounds so similar to Google Play Store.

The patent describes the platform as offering “online game services, namely, online electronic games accessible through mobile devices.” It’s possible augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) titles could also be included in the service, according to the patent.

Given Apple Arcade’s release is set for this fall, it makes sense Samsung could be planning to launch a similar service. Though not a lot is known about the subscription platform yet, Apple Arcade is set to be an ad-free game subscription service with a monthly fee.

Apple plans to work directly with game developers to bring over 100 “exclusive” games to the service. The company later provided more detail stating that titles included in Apple Arcade will only be exclusive to mobile. This means that while games that are part of Apple Arcade won’t appear on Android devices, they could still make their way to other platforms.

Samsung has dabbled in the mobile gaming space in the past, with Fornite being exclusive to the Galaxy Note 9 and Tab S4 when the game first launched on Android. The South Korean company has also released various unique Fortnite skins that can only be accessed with Samsung devices.

Via: LetsGoDigital