Bell MTS decreases data overage price from $5 per 100MB to $10 per GB

Bell MTS

Bell MTS has decreased overage charges by $5 CAD per 100MB to $10 per GB.

According to a May 1st search on the Internet Wayback Machine, the site was changed to reflect the increase. Overage charges now cost $10 CAD per gigabyte above the cap, the site notes. At the previous overage rate of $5 per 100MB, each gigabyte over your data cap would cost $50.

MobileSyrup has reached out to Bell MTS for a comment and will update the article with more information.

Bell acquired MTS for $3.9 billion in March 2017 and began expanding the scope of its LTE network in Manitoba shortly after. Further, Bell increased data overage charges from $0.07 per 1MB to $0.10 per 1MB in July 2018 and Rogers made similar changes around the same time.

Considering the rising cost of data overages elsewhere in Canada, the significant decrease in rates for Bell MTS is a major bonus for subscribers and potential new customers.

Update 05/01/2019: Corrected an error referring to gigabytes as gigabits, added clarification about the price change and adjusted the headline to more accurately reflect the change in price.