Apple’s video service could offer extra ‘channels’ like Bell’s Crave

HBO, Showtime and Starz could be added to Apple's service for $10 USD a month per channel

Apple TV 4K

Apple is expected to launch its video streaming service later today, but rumours are still circulating about some aspects of the service — like the price.

According to a Wall Street Journal report, Apple may offer subscriptions to other ‘channels,’ such as HBO, Showtime and Starz.

This model would follow the likes of Bell Media’s Crave service, which lets users add on services for an extra fee.

The WSJ suggests the price for extra services would be about $10 USD per month (roughly $13.43 CAD). It’s not clear at this time what the pricing model would like in Canada.

As for the news service, the price is expected to be $10 USD per month as well. Further, it could offer access to more than 200 magazines and newspapers — similar to Texture, which Apple recently purchased.

Presuming Apple announces its video and news subscriptions at its March 25th event, and the prices are accurate, it could be a good deal.

In the U.S., for example, HBO’s streaming service, HBO Now, costs $15 USD per month. If Apple’s $10 HBO channel offers the same content, users will save $5 per month.

In Canada, however, it will have to compete with Crave, which already has HBO. Likely, that means Apple’s video subscription in Canada won’t have HBO.

We’ll learn more about Apple’s content plans when the event kicks off at 1pm this afternoon, and hopefully, that includes more details about what its offerings will look like in Canada.

Source: WSJ Via: Engadget