Mobile RPG ‘Raid: Shadow Legends’ out now for Android, iOS

'Raid' offers over 300 collectible champions, over 1 million champion builds and more

Raid: Shadow Legends

Israel-based game developer Plarium announced that its newest mobile RPG, Raid: Shadow Legends is now available for Android and iOS.

Described as a turn-based collection RPG, Raid offers players a dark fantasy world to explore and over 300 collectible champions to unlock.

Along with an extensive story-driven single player experience, the game offers multiplayer options, cooperative play and more.

As for the campaign itself, players will find themselves in the realm of Teleria in conflict against the Dark Lord Siroth, fighting to restore peace to the kingdom.

Paul C.R. Monk, from Assassin’s Creed Syndicate, wrote the narrative for Raid. Further, the campaign features a fully-voiced cast in voice actors from Mass Effect and The Witcher 3.

Plarium boasts that Raid offers unparalleled RPG skill customization, with over 1 million champion builds. Further, the game provides strategic gameplay, where players must use the right champions, builds, skills and more to overcome enemies.

If this sounds liks a game you’d enjoy, you can give Raid: Shadow Legends a try for free on iOS and Android now.