Leaked Samsung video could give us our best look yet at the company’s foldable smartphone

Samsung foldable smartphone

As we approach the official reveal of Samsung’s Galaxy S10 and the tech giant’s first foldable smartphone, leaks are beginning to appear at a fast clip.

However, the latest Samsung smartphone-related leak isn’t yet another glimpse of the Galaxy S10. Instead, this trailer seems to show off a wide variety of futuristic-looking tech products that Samsung could currently have in the works.

Although we get a look at wacky looking devices like a hologram television, a Minority Report-inspired screen that can be controlled with your hands and even a robot that tattoos you, the most interesting part of the trailer is the foldable smartphone that appears towards the end of the video.

It’s difficult to tell from the brief clip, but the foldable phone doesn’t give off the impression of a concept design unlike the other products featured in the video. It also shares striking similarities with the foldable device Samsung briefly teased a few months ago.

The video was uploaded by Samsung Vietnam and then quickly removed, according to XDA Developers. SlashLeaks then reuploaded the video file to its YouTube channel.

Samsung is expected to reveal the Galaxy S10 at an upcoming event in February alongside the company’s often-rumoured foldable phone, the Galaxy X.

Source: XDA Developers, Slashleaks Via: Mashable