Samsung has started manufacturing the Galaxy S10

For the moment, the company is only making 4G LTE variants of its newest flagship smartphone

Samsung started mass production of the Galaxy S10 on January 25th, according to South Korean publication The Investor

This timing makes sense considering Samsung plans on unveiling its entire lineup of new S-series smartphones on February 20th and will reportedly release the devices on March 8th. 

Additionally, Samsung is reportedly manufacturing the handsets in facilities both inside and outside of South Korea. This to ensure that there are enough units to meet demand when the smartphone officially goes on sale.

The Investor adds that Samsung is currently only manufacturing 4G LTE variants of the Galaxy S10. This suggests the company is only producing the three core models: the budget Galaxy S10, the standard S10 and the S10+. The website’s source also states that all storage and memory variants are in production as well, including the rumoured 1TB Galaxy S10+.

The fact that Samsung isn’t currently producing 5G S10 models makes, as 5G networks won’t be up and running until in the majority of markets in which the company sells its handsets. Additionally, rumours suggest that Samsung won’t launch the 5G S10 at the same time as the 4G models.

Source: The Investor, Via: SamM3obile