Apple Music now has over 50 million paying subscribers

Apple Music might be plateauing

During Apple’s most recent earnings call, Tim Cook, the company’s CEO, revealed that there are now 50 million paying Apple Music subscribers.

Apple Music has been growing at a considerable rate throughout 2018. In March of last year, the company announced that the music streaming service had 38 million paid subscribers.

For comparison, Spotify’s latest results pegs its subscriber count at 87 million, but there’s no way to know how many of those users pay and how many use the free tier of the music streaming service. That said, The Verge reported on July 26th, 2018 that the Swedish streaming giant has 83 million paid subscribers.

Spotify is still leading the streaming market, but if Apple’s platform grows at the same rate as last year it could close that gap. However, Apple Music might have a hard time hitting this goal as the service’s paid subscriber numbers appear to have plateaued in recent months since the last time it released user statistics.  

Via: MacRumors, Spotify, The Verge