YouTube Music now available on Sonos speakers in Canada

Sonos One

YouTube Music streaming is now available on all Sonos speakers, including both more recent additions to the Sonos lineup like the One and older speakers like the Play:1.

As with other music streaming platforms, Sonos owners can add YouTube Music content via the Sonos Controller mobile app, available on Android and iOS.

Once you’ve updated to the latest version of the app, tap the ‘More’ tab followed by ‘Add Music Services.’ You can then enter your YouTube Music account credentials. It’s worth noting that a YouTube Music or YouTube Premium subscription is required.

You’ll then be able to stream YouTube’s extensive library of music content, as well as access platform specific features like personalized mixtapes.

Even if the quality of uploads isn’t quite up to the standard of other platforms, the addition of YouTube Music to the Sonos Controller app is particularly exciting as YouTube includes interesting content that’s hard to find elsewhere.

Source: Sonos, YouTube