Samsung is reportedly working on a ‘Bright Night’ low-light photography mode

Huawei’s Night Mode, OnePlus’ Nightscape and Google’s Night Sight are all similar features that allow each company’s respective smartphones to capture better pictures in low lighting conditions. According to the latest Samsung-related rumour, the South Korean company is working on its own night time picture mode called ‘Bright Night.’

According to XDA Developers, which discovered the mode after completing a teardown of Samsung’s Camera APK in the latest Galaxy Note 9 One UI/Android 9 Pie beta build, there are strings of code that describe a feature called Bright Night. The code snippets mention things such as “Suggest mode to take bright pictures even in very dark conditions,” “Hold your phone steady. Taking picture,” “Take multiple shots and combine them to get brighter, clearer pictures in low light without using the flash.”

The code mentions wording that is related to both Huawei’s Night Mode and Google’s Night Sight, such as the feature “suggest mode to take bright pictures even in very dark conditions.” In low-light situations Google’s Pixel 3 will suggest to the user that they should switch to Night Sight.

Although it’s unclear when Samsung will release the feature, it’s possible the company will unveil it alongside its next flagship smartphone, the Galaxy S10. Like Google did with Night Sight, it’s also possible Samsung will roll out the feature to its older handsets. As XDA points out, Samsung first launched its Super Slow-Mo feature on the Galaxy S9 before bringing it to the Galaxy S8 and Note 8.

Rumours suggest Samsung will announce the Galaxy S10 on February 20th, before the official start of Mobile World Congress (MWC). Leaks indicate that the phone will feature an in-display fingerprint scanner, a camera punchout and the Bright Night functionality detailed above.

Source: XDA Developers