New leak gives first look at alleged Pixel Stand press renders

Press render reveals a Google Home style wireless charging stand

A new Pixel leak gave us our first look at the rumoured Pixel Stand.

The leak is a press render obtained by mysmartprice. The render allegedly shows the Pixel Stand from the bottom. Styled liked Google’s other Home products, the round base of the stand is a vivid orange. The rest looks like high-quality white plastic, akin to the Google Home speaker.

Furthermore, the render shows an open space hollowed out of the base for the cable. It appears to be a USB-C cable, which plugs into the bottom in the hollow area. The cable runs out of a small cut in the rear of the stand.

Pixel Stand leaked press render

Additionally, the Pixel Stand features an upright oval that leans at an angle. It looks like users will place their phone on the vertical section.

This confirms earlier rumours that the Pixel Stand would turn the phone into a smart display. The idea is that users can place their device on the stand and the screen will display a Google Assistant-centered UI. Also, the vertical design should make it easier to interact with the phone while it’s charging.

Finally, we can see a model number (G019C) and power information (9V at 2A) on the bottom of the base. Comparatively, the Pixel 2 USB-C fast charging adapter is rated for 5V at 3A or 9V at 2A. This suggests that we’ll get wireless fast charging from the Pixel Stand.

Likely we’ll see more of the Pixel Stand alongside the Pixel 3 and 3 XL when Google unveils them in October.

Image: mysmartprice

Source: mysmartprice