Leaked Fortnite APK hints game could be coming to Samsung’s Galaxy App Store


As we get closer to Fortnite for Android finally dropping, the game’s release seems poised to be more complicated than most likely expected.

According to data mined from a currently unplayable Fortnite Android APK file obtained by XDA Developers forum member ‘thesbros,’ the game might be exclusive for 30-days for Samsung’s Galaxy Tab S4, as well as the Note 9.

The APK’s code hints that while Fortnite will be downloadable on all recently released Samsung devices starting on August 9th, the game will be playable exclusively on the Note 9 and Tab S4 for a period 30-days. Further, some rumours point to Samsung securing a longer four month long exclusive deal with Epic, resulting in Fortnite only running on Samsung devices for that time time period.

This means that it’s likely the game will be available through Samsung’s Android Galaxy Store. This is backed up by traces of Galaxy Store in-app purchases showing up in the game’s APK code, according to XDA Developers.

As previously reported, wider public Android release is also rumoured to skip Google’s Play Store in favour of an APK file downloaded directly from Epic’s website. This would allow epic to circumvent the typical 30 percent cut Google takes from all app and game purchases on the Play Store.

That said, making Fortnite‘s APK available directly from Epic’s website is also inherently risky, opening up the possibility for bad actors to host malicious, malware-filled versions of the game on fake websites.

It also looks like a specific ‘Galaxy’ (codenamed Celestial) skin could be coming to Fortnite on Samsung devices, according to a recent Tweet from XDA Developers editor-in-chief Mishaal Rahman.

It’s likely we’ll learn more about Fortnite’s Android release at the company’s Galaxy Note 9 reveal event on Thursday, August 9th.

Source: XDA Developers, Twitter Via: 9to5Google